On-line Shopping, On-line Friendships, On-line Dating, On-line Divorce?

Posted 23 February 2017 by Wendy Brighton

Yes, it’s true that you can find most things that you want on-line including a prospective partner, but is it really true that you can end that relationship in such a cold matter of fact manner as an on-line Divorce? Well yes, the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has made it quite clear that 2017 will be the year that the official divorce process goes online. It is not a terribly new concept as Law firms have operated online providing this service for some time- you may have seen adverts such as ‘Get Divorced for as little as £39’ on the internet....

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What is probate?

Posted 12 January 2017 by Richard Tinkler

One question I very often get asked as a Solicitor specialising in Private Client law is: ‘what is probate?’  Usually this is asked by executors of estates who have been told by a bank, for example, to obtain a grant of probate in order for them to be able to release monies held in a deceased person’s name.   Probate has one of two meanings:   Specifically, it is a document that is issued by the Court to grant authority to executors of an estate to enable them to deal with certain estate assets.  For example, to sell a property or to collect the ...

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Buying property in joint names

Posted 06 January 2017 by Tim Quint

A house or flat is often purchased in the names of more than individual, i.e. “jointly”.  In such circumstances, consideration must always be given to the manner of such joint ownership and its consequences. Ignoring for the purposes of this article property purchased by business partners, private individuals have the options of either a “joint tenancy” or “tenancy in common”.  The word “tenancy” in this context can sometimes be a little confusing but it is no more than a label and does not infer any relationship of landlord and ten...

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“Do women need different advice to men”?

Posted 06 January 2017 by Dawn Pennell

Dawn Pennell of Capron & Helliwell solicitors considers  “Do women need different advice to men”? In his book John Gray asserts that “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and that the most common relationship problems between men and women are caused by fundamental psychological differences between the sexes.  So, if that’s true, when a relationship breaks down, must legal advice differ depending on whether you are male or female? In almost all relationships the earning capacity of the spouses will differ and it’s not unusual for one p...

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