Matrimonial and Family Law

Capron & Helliwell offer an initial 30 minute advice appointment for a fixed fee of £50 + vat.  Click "See our fees" below to learn more about our family law charging rates.

It is a sad fact of life that increasingly, more relationships and marriages are ending in separation or divorce. Many people have no choice but to face family breakdown and the difficult consequences that brings.

Inevitably, family law will deal with personal matters and often involve difficult situations. It is important to have clear and reliable legal advice from a family law expert at this time.

At Capron and Helliwell we favour a proactive approach and will try and settle cases in a non-confrontational way to avoid the need to issue court proceedings. If however agreement cannot be reached and court proceedings are necessary, then we provide sensible, firm representation.

Our family law team are friendly, approachable and our range of expertise is extensive. We can assist with divorce, separation and civil partnerships, financial issues and also issues involving children such as residence and contact. We can also deal with cases involving violence and harassment.

When a decision has been made to separate and agreement is reached on the terms of the separation, some couples do not wish to involve the Court but still want the agreement to be binding. A separation agreement is a document setting out the terms of the separation and we can assist with the preparation of such documents.

Our family law experts are able to offer a collaborative law service to our clients for separation, divorce or other matters. Under the collaborative law process, each person appoints their own collaboratively trained lawyer and you and your respective lawyers all meet together to work things out face to face.

With second marriages on the rise, people marrying later in life and many couples entering into marriage or cohabitation with money and property already in their name we are seeing more enquiries from clients who want to create as much certainty and security as possible in the event that their relationship fails. We can advise on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Our family law team can also help with issues where unmarried couples live together such as co-habitation agreements and disputes over jointly owned properties.

We will always be open and manage your expectations as to what your case will cost you. We can also provide access to client credit loan facilities which may help you fund the costs of your case pending any settlement you may be due.

In summary, we care about what is important to you. Our family lawyers are able to advise and assist you in choosing the best way forward for you and your family.

To discuss how we can help with any matrimonial or family law matters, please call us today.

If you are searching for family law solicitors in Norwich or the surrounding area, Capron & Helliwell can assist you.

If you are interested in our services for matrimonial and family law, you may also be interested in making a will. You may also feel it is important to consider making a lasting power of attorney. Capron & Helliwell Solicitors also offer services in the area of residential property.

Capron and Helliwell Solicitors offer a full range of legal services including matrimononial and family law and have offices at Stalham and Wroxham near Norwich and North Walsham, Norfolk.

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We offer a discount on matrimonial legal fees if you hold either a Blue Light Card or a Defence Discount Service Card – see these websites for details


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