Inheritance Disputes

Sometimes when a close friend or relative dies, the settling of their affairs and administration of their estate may not go smoothly and there can be problems. When this happens, it is vital to obtain expert legal advice.

Relatives or dependants can make a claim against an estate if they feel that the deceased person failed to make adequate provision for them in their will or if no will was made.

Even when a Will has been made there are many reasons why it might be challenged:
  • The person may not have had the mental capacity to make the Will.
  • They may have been coerced or misled into making the Will.
  • There may be allegations of misappropriation of assets during the lifetime of the deceased which need to be dealt with before probate can be obtained.
  • Sometimes the executors or trustees act improperly or do not get along and they have to be removed.
  • Sometimes there may just be a simple mistake in the Will which needs to be corrected.
At Capron and Helliwell, we can help you deal with these problems if they arise after a friend or relative dies, or by careful planning of your own affairs help avoid difficulties for your own family and dependants who survive you.

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