Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Only one third of people in England have a will. Not only do people often put off making a will but they also have misconceptions about them. The fact is that if you die without a will it can leave serious problems for your family.

The most common misconception about not having a will is that everything will automatically go to your spouse. Dying without a will means that your assets are dealt with under the statutory laws of intestacy. These could see your property split between your relatives and could lead to financial hardship.

This situation is even worse for unmarried, co-habiting couples. There are over 4 million people in this category and the law does not recognise these relationships on death. If one partner dies then their property or assets could go to their family rather than to their partner.

On a positive note, a will is a chance for you to decide to whom you wish your assets to go. They can also be used to appoint guardians to look after your children.

At Capron and Helliwell, we can advise you on making a will but also on estate planning. This can help to ensure your assets are protected in a tax-efficient way for both your use and also to pass down to your family.

In addition, we can  assist with the creation of trusts for family or tax reasons as well as their administration and winding up.

Making a will is not a complicated process and gives a sense of both relief and peace of mind. 

To arrange an appointment to discuss the making of a will, trust or with estate planning, please call us today. 

If you are searching for will solicitors in Norwich or the surrounding area, Capron & Helliwell can assist you.

If you are interested in our services for wills, trusts and estate planning you may also be interested in making a lasting power of attorney, also known as an LPA. 

Capron and Helliwell Solicitors offer a full range of legal services including wills, trusts and estate planning and have offices at Stalham and Wroxham near Norwich and North Walsham, Norfolk.

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