Probate and Estate Administration

The period immediately after a person dies can be a traumatic and confusing time. Along with making arrangements for the funeral, the family is then faced with the daunting prospect of administering the deceased’s estate and possibly obtaining a grant of probate.

Banks and other institutions will usually only release funds when they have a formal Grant of Representation (sometimes known as Letters of Administration or a Grant of Probate depending on the circumstances) appointing the Personal Representatives. This is the Court’s order issued to the Executors where a will has been made or the Administrator where there is no will (intestacy).

The role of the Personal Representative carries with it a number of responsibilities. They have a duty to collect in and protect the assets of the deceased. They must make enquiries about the deceased’s assets and their financial position and are responsible for ensuring that the terms of the will or statutory rules relating to intestacy are properly carried out. They must also make sure that the necessary formalities are completed with HM Revenue and Customs and ensure all tax liabilities of the deceased are settled.

A Personal Representative who fails to discharge these duties properly will be accountable for any financial loss that occurs. They may also face criminal sanctions.

At Capron and Helliwell, our team of lawyers have over 80 years of experience in dealing with the complexities of estate administration and assisting executors with obtaining a grant of probate. We can also assist in minimising inheritance tax even after someone has died, and also help where a dispute has arisen in relation to the estate and any beneficiaries.

To discuss how our solicitors can help with administering an estate or assist you with obtaining a grant of probate, please call us today.  You can also find out more here about a question we are often asked, ‘what is probate?

If you are searching for probate solicitors in Norwich or the surrounding area, Capron & Helliwell can assist you.

If you are interested in our services for probate and estate administration, you may also be interested to know that we offer services in the areas of residential property and commercial property.

Capron and Helliwell Solicitors offer a full range of legal services including probate and estate administration and have offices at Stalham and Wroxham near Norwich and North Walsham, Norfolk. 

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