Six ways to Save your Estate Inheritance Tax

Posted 03 December 2015 by Richard Tinkler

You’ve no doubt heard the expression that the only certainties in life are taxes and death. There’s not much we can do about the latter but there is something we can do about the former, at least where inheritance tax (‘IHT’) is concerned and this article is going to share with you how that could be possible. When we die, we have a nil rate band (at time of writing) of £325,000 which is how much we can give away before inheritance tax starts being payable at 40% above this threshold. Let’s take a look at what you might be able to do to save your estate IH...

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Inheriting Assets in the Digital Age – What you need to know

Posted 03 December 2015 by Richard Tinkler

As we all know, everything seems to be able to be done online now. And this includes everything from online banking to dealing with investments and other financial matters online. There’s no doubt that a great number of us are doing more and more online with the result that we’re perhaps having less paperwork than ever before. The result of this is that when we die and if we have assets held digitally, it can be very hard for the people who deal with our estate (executors if we have a valid will, administrators if we don’t) to actually ascertain what we do and don’t ...

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