Alternatives to Court when Trying to Resolve Matters after Separation

Posted 01 September 2016 by Dawn Pennell

Dawn Pennell of Capron & Helliwell solicitors considers the alternatives to Court when trying to resolve matters after separation Alternatives to Court include attending mediation, dealing with your matter in a collaborative way or having it referred to arbitration. Mediation is a voluntary process. A trained mediator guides you and your partner through discussions to ultimately reach agreement. While going through the mediation process it is sensible to take legal advice too. Agreements are not legally binding but are usually converted into a Court Order so that they become binding a...

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Inheritance Tax and the One Million Pound Question

Posted 31 March 2016 by Richard Tinkler

There has been some rumour about being able to die and pass on £1m worth of assets inheritance tax (‘IHT’) free, known as the ‘£1m nil rate band’. I’d like to tell you a little bit about what needs to be in place for one to be eligible to pass on £1m worth of assets IHT-free on death. It’s not something that will be available to everyone’s estate so let’s take a closer look. We each have an IHT nil rate band of £325,000 (this is subject to things like certain lifetime gifts) but anyway, we’ll use it here as our s...

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Communicating through your Contracts

Posted 21 March 2016

Each year in the UK, 520,000 people start a business of their own. It may be for building work, plumbing, providing child care or for design work, sometimes the business is set up out of necessity, sometimes it is a long held dream. For whatever reason it is set up, lots of time, energy and often money is invested into it and so a little care should be taken to protect it. Small business owners often do not have a great deal of capital to spare for extensive legal advice but there are a few things you can do to ensure that you do get fully paid for the work you have done or service which y...

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What to do if you're having relationship problems

Posted 07 January 2016

What exactly do you do when you know you have serious relationship problems? It is a very stressful time and there are so many things to think about and plan for. One of the first concerns is very likely to be money, particularly if there is to be a separation, temporary or otherwise, it means there are two lots of accommodation costs coming out of the same income. It is important to work through the income and expenses together if the situation is amicable and it is also helpful to get advice about what entitlement you may have, both state benefits and the provision the law makes for you i...

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